Letter published in the Edmonton Journal of August 22nd 1999

Environmental award is tarnished
  According to the June/99 issue of Forest Landscape, the newsletter of Al-Pac/Mitsubishi, the Alberta Foundation for Environmental Excellence gave an Emerald Award to Al-Pac.
  The newsletter states, Alberta Pacific was nominated for this yearís award by Fraser-Milner.  The foundation must surely know that Fraser-Milner is employed by Al-Pac to represent them in legal actions.
  Damage is done beyond the credibility of both the foundation and the award by tainting it in this way.  What about the image of the legal profession?  Yet another item is added to the list of cutting jokes about them.
  But all is not lost!  Al-Pac can brag to everyone, including the environment minister about their award.  Indeed the newsletter says Al-Pacís vice-president was introduced to ďthe new minister of environment as head of the cleanest mill in Canada.Ē
  As for Fraser-Milner, itís lawyers can tell the next judge they appear before that Al-Pac must be good because they won an Emerald Award.
J.O Darwish